Create application resources in windows phone.

Today I’ll show you how to share resources across Windows Phone application.
Maybe it’s not the best approach, but it’s the basics.

First of all let’s review the resource dictionaries hierarchy in Windows Phone application.
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ASP.NET MVC – Pass dictionary data from view to controller

I want to introduce you simple approach how to pass the dictionary data to controller.
I think it’s useful post for ASP.NET MVC developers.

So let’s think we have some name – value pairs on the client. For example collection of textbox values and titles from them.
Let’s start. I’ll add sample markup. I’ve added collection of textboxes with titles.

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ASP.NET MVC file upload using jQuery

In this post I’d like to show you how to make ajax file uploading using jQuery.
There are plenty of jQuery plugins on the internet, which can help us to solve this problem and some times it’s too complicated to choose the appropriate one.

I’ve surfed the internet and found simple plugin which called jQuery.upload. It’s simple ajax file upload plugin.
It’s very ease to use it. The file is uploaded asyncronously by posting data to the iframe generated in the same page.
The callback function when uploading is completed can be specified, and the data of the form specified by the fourth argument is received.
It’s important to know that all the fields are sent when the specified element has two or more fields in the descendant element.
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